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book cover, The Entrepreneur That Could
Today’s entrepreneurs wonder why their businesses aren’t thriving despite their best efforts. They stew over how to position themselves in an economy that favors large corporations.


In “The Entrepreneur That Could,” lifelong entrepreneur Casey Jurado brings a new vision to the marketplace. His street-wise observations help entrepreneurs understand what is going on economically and how to adapt and capitalize on the shifting realities of small business.


“The Entrepreneur That Could” draws on common sense, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and nature’s cycles. It will make you think and reevaluate your business model with a preference for community, integrity and innovation.


Casey expands and proves his concepts in the Niche Market Supplement at the end of the book. He relates stories of real entrepreneurs adapting to market demands and taking advantage of the engineered economic cycles…before they take a nose dive.


I have dedicated this book to “all the entrepreneurs that made this country great and can make it great again.”


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To get a feel for Casey’s grasp of the field, read the introductory chapter.

5 Responses to Read the Book

  • Susan Leveque says:

    After reading Casey’s well thought out book and having some time to contemplate the issues mentioned, I am thinking the primary problem with much of the RCMC issues come back to greed. Not only in the part of the RCMC’s but on the part of the consumer who has become ever expectant of the lowest prices possible (actually impossible if you consider the real costs). In expecting cheap food and products we have ultimately defined the methods in which the RCMC’s produce what we consume. In order for them to make profits and meet those expectations there is no option but to provide chemically altered foods which can produce unnatural supply and to also use international labor sources which undermine the ability of people to sustain basic living conditions.
    If we want to have healthy foods we must accept the higher prices to produce them. If we wish to provide a basic level of human existance we must inform ourselves as to where and how our consumer items are produced. We can demand the standards outlined in this book by supporting those systems which provide them by using our consumer power. Once that is acheived we will see our demands become standard policy and prices will adjust to accomodate the demand. It requires ongoing effort on our part to become and remain aware of how our foods and goods are produced and to act according to our own ethics and expectations.

  • John Merritt says:

    Lots of interesting observations and comments on our modern society and the interaction in society and the contribution/destruction caused by different businesses. I really liked the concept of Business Common Sense. How true that you can be a MBA or engineering genius and still not be able to start or run a profitable business. Good argument that BCS in many cases is more important than capitol or a formal education in determining success. A little harsh on all large corporations without which we would not have most of the great developments in science, medicine, and products available today. I do agree that many neglect their obligations to protect scarce resources throughout the world. Casey, great first book!

  • Teddy L. Nation says:

    You probably don’t know Casey, and so you have not had an opportunity to talk to him. That’s a pity, because Casey is a thinking man. In a world with so few people who take the time to think, someone who does easily stands out. Read this book because by doing so you will become a thinking person. It’s not as good as actually discussing the topic with him, but it’s not bad. You’re not an entrepreneur? That’s OK. The entrepreneur word has deeply touched your life; Casey lays this out for you so you can see it and make decisions about it. You may not agree with what he has written, and that’s OK. Of course he wants agreement, but more important to Casey is that after you have read and thought your way to the end of the book that you at least understand why you believe what you do. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

  • Michael Krapes Psy.D. says:

    Casey Jurado’s observations and perspectives open your mind so that you will not be able to close it in quite the same way again. The point of view comes from a distillation of information gathered from the outer reaches away from the center. It allows for the development of a view from another window, on an upper floor, from where the same things we’ve seen everyday, and known, look surprisingly and disturbingly different. It seems that we have gotten a peek behind the curtains and it is impossible to forget what we’ve seen. Disneyland has caught fire and burnt to the ground and what are we to do ?!

  • Joyce Calhoon says:

    Loved the book as well as the references to the integrity and idea of what America was to the founding fathers. It gave me a reflection of then and now. What would the founding fathers think of the corrupt corporate influences that now challenge Democracy and their brilliant idea called “America”. The book encouraged me to ask myself ” What can I do about it?”
    A thought provoking read! Joyce Calhoun

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