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Casey Jurado is a lifelong entrepreneur that lives south of Orange County, California. “The Entrepreneur That Could” is the result of several successes in real estate and construction. But his business acumen is not limited to those fields. As a close friend of many other successful entrepreneurs, Casey began to see principles that were common to all of them, enabling him to make his business more efficient and more profitable.

Casey’s attendance from Santa Ana College did not stop his education. He is also an incurable student of life. By reading vast amounts of books and articles on the economy, business, biography and history, (not to mention his incredible retention of facts) Casey has become aware of the forces behind the curtains of power. His descriptions of what is going on and how it got us where we are today are eye opening. He not only understands these forces he calls the RCMCs (the Resource Controlling Multinational Corporations), he has discerned how to succeed profitably in spite of their worldwide economic dominance.

Casey’s over thirty years in business as an entrepreneur allow him to speak with authority and laser- sharp insight. Read more about the book.

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