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According the Senator Bernie Sanders, in 2007, the top 1 percent of all income earners made 23.5 percent of all income; put another way, the top 1 percent made more income than the bottom 50 percent.

And 1/10 of the 1% are now capturing 11% of all new income during this collapse of the domestic and global economy! Humanity has never seen such omnipotent, wide spread control and manipulation. It is an artificial economy and an artificial reality! Brought to you by your International RCMCs (Resource Controlling Multinational Corporations).

Is this ok America?

A quote from the Congressional Record. A speech by Senator Bernie Sanders on December 10, 2010:

“For example–this galls me and galls many of the people in this country–the horrendous recession we are in right now, where millions and millions of people have lost their jobs, their savings, their homes, this recession was caused by the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street. These guys, through their greed, created the most severe economic recession since the Great Depression.

The American people bailed them out. Now, 2 years after the bailout, they are giving themselves more compensation than they ever have. They are saying to the American people, ‘Sorry we caused this recession because of our greed. Sorry you are unemployed. Sorry you lost your house. But that is not all that important. What is important is that I, on Wall Street, continue to get millions of dollars in compensation and in bonuses, that I have big parties. How can I get by on one house? I need 5 houses, 10 houses. I need three jet planes to take me all over the world. Sorry. We have the money. We have the power. We have the lobbyists here on Wall Street. Tough luck. That is the world, get used to it.'”

Bernie’s book, The Speech, is available online and the text of his speech is available in the Congressional Record.

Many small business entrepreneurs are formed as legal entities (corporations) to protect their personal and family assets. This is one way of being smart even as it uses a corporate strategy not initially practiced by the Founding Fathers. Back then, corporations were limited in their scope of influence and monopolies were not granted.

Today, monopolies and corporations have come a long way. Monopolies are common and even enjoy the place of being an all-American board game. Corporate strategies are encouraged by business coaches, business schools and business lawyers. After all, once corporations broke loose of their community responsibility, they have an unfair advantage over non-corporatist businesses.

The problem the economy is facing today is NOT because small and medium sized businesses have utilized corporate law. The problem comes from the way large corporations have been seizing, controlling and manipulating resources that we all need to survive. Those resources include the political landscape, the environment, the economy, the banking system, the media, and specific natural resources such as petroleum and mineral deposits.

Dennis Kucinich has described the latest actions of these large RCMCs (Resource Controlling Multinational Corporations) as changing the political landscape so much that we now have “a government by the corporations, of the corporations and for the corporations.” They dictate this country’s national policies, our banking system and media. This is what is hurting us, the middle and poorest classes. Recently, the right of government employees to strike for acceptable wages and improved working conditions is under fire.

Read some of the resources we offer online and in the book, “The Entrepreneur That Could.” The time is now to give all, to serve and solicit our communities and our local economies. If we don’t we will be soon living like those Banana Republics we learned about in school.

After getting our book published by Amazon‘s Kindle device, we moved forward with publishers like Smashwords who make The Entrepreneur that Could available as a Kobo download for Apple iPod and iPad users. Recently, Barnes and Noble took on the Nook Book version for their online buyers.

Now, you can buy The Entrepreneur that Could right here. This is a PDF format. There are many PDF readers available, most notably by Adobe. If you don’t have an Adobe Reader, download one for free HERE.

If you do have a PDF reader, you can pay for The Entrepreneur that Could PDF with Paypal or a major credit card (without Paypal). Once you have paid, the Paypal shopping cart will send you to the download page.

Casey has chosen Smashwords as his distributor for the ebook version of The Entrepreneur That Could. It’s easy. No need to sign in. You will find a generous 20% sample reading.

Find out what it is all about.

“The health of small business is the most reliable barometer of a capitalist and free market system”
How we doing America?

When I talk to entrepreneurs, often I hear ideas about getting involved politically. The “Tea Party” is the most recent “solution” I hear mentioned. And I have advocated for a Jeffersonian revolution. Sometimes that gets interpreted as a political statement. So I should clarify. Entrepreneurs get sidetracked when they get sucked into the political debate. Let’s not go there.

Our real opposition is the RCMC’s, not the government. RCMC is my acronym for the Resource Controlling Multinational Corporations. Why I identify them as the opposition is precisely why I refer to them as “resource controlling.” Central to the operations of these multinational giants is the strategy to control common resources: raw materials, labor, production, money and banking, media, technology, distribution, infrastructure (roads, power, waste disposal, communication lines), food, water, transportation, trade regulations, politics and governments.

Regarding the political landscape, the RCMCs see politicians and governments as resources, just like labor and raw materials. And because of their influence, now worldwide, the political arena is the playground of the RCMCs. My counsel is to avoid political involvement…unless the entrepreneur can stay focused on improving the political and economic environment for the local community.

There is plenty of bad news about the failing economy. I mention several indicators in my book. While the wake-up call is important, we need more than bad news. We need a path to pursue. The bad news reminds us that the old methods aren’t working. So, what do we do to feed our families, follow our passions, serve our communities and leave a legacy?

That is what you will find in The Entrepreneur That Could. That is the difference this book offers. I draw from the core principles that serve life cycles, build communities, and developed a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs. The present crisis is real, but it is also an opportunity to rebuild a fair and open economy.

Of the many things that make up a business, what would you say is the core? Is it fair value? Location? Leverage? Marketing? Financing? Infrastructure? Cash flow? Generally a good economy? Perseverance? Showmanship?(It may be something other than what I have listed.)

And is that also what you see as the ideal you focus on most?

I’d love your comments.

When I talk to small business owners, I hear lots of confusion and even despair. That is usually because they are lacking the pieces of the puzzle and don’t know how to get their business back on its feet. They sense, as I do, that we are in the midst of a tremendous opportunity in this country. It is the corporate model that is screwing with our minds. It is so far from what the Founding Fathers had in mind! I believe that if we get back to those founding principles, that were entrepreneur-growth- friendly, we can get this nation back on its feet.

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