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We are celebrating entrepreneurs in the US with National Entrepreneurs’ Day. Around the world it is Global Entrepreneurship Week. Yes, it is entrepreneurs that make real progress for the human community. They concentrate their efforts on products and services they believe will add value to our daily lives and our legacy. Entrepreneurs make things happen. For inspiring reading go to the GEW site.

Today is a great day for entrepreneurs that want to move forward. The Kindle version of The Entrepreneur That Could was just published. It is ten dollars less than the paperback version and is available for download in seconds. You don’t even need a Kindle unit! Amazon will let you download Kindle software to your laptop or desktop for free. Then download The Entrepreneur That Could for $6.99 from Amazon. Here is the link. The Entrepreneur That Could

I have dedicated this book to “all the entrepreneurs that made this country great and can make it great once again.”

The entrepreneurs that made this country great is a reference to the Founding Fathers and their generation. They left us opportunities to serve, explore, innovate, improve and prosper. And while prosperity is personally satisfying, we miss the point if we are not using these opportunities to serve our children…to give them the opportunities they need to explore, innovate, improve and prosper. Serving the children is what has lasting meaning. So I didn’t just dedicate the book to entrepreneurs of the past. It is also dedicated to those that follow.

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