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World Economy

According the, India has the world’s largest percentage of freelancers at 33%. No joke. One third of their one billion, one hundred and fifty million people are freelancers.
The US is second with almost 11%. (From my experience, we have more than that!)
Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines follow with under 10%.

The Inventor of the Web,Tim Berners-Lee, has stated at The International World Wide Web Conference that the web is a powerful tool if used rightly. “It was important to progress towards the idea of the Internet as a neutral media that was not controlled by large corporates or governments.”

The International World Wide Web Conference is talking about the Internet and democracy.

The Top Outsourcing Countries according to are
US. 40%
Great Britain 10%
India 6%
Canada 5%
Australia 4% announced that over last weekend, they posted their one millionth posting for freelancers. has clients in over 240 countries, regions and territories around the world, providing affordable temporary professional assistance in software, writing, data entry and design.

“Through our website, employers can hire freelancers to do work [in] the sciences, sales & marketing and accounting & legal services. The average job is under US$200, making extremely cost effective for small businesses, which often need a wide variety of jobs to be done, but cannot justify the expense of hiring full time.”

I have been editing the book and documenting my references. I hope that might help people understand where I am coming from. I want to challenge you to think for yourself on these issues. Check out the footnotes and references. Don’t just react with denial or say, “Yeah, you are right.”

This might help: Go to some real time data being streamed about how many people are on the planet, how many cars we are producing, how much is being spent on health, war and education. (It is always enlightening to follow the money.) See how many forests are being lost to our economic model and how much energy is being burned. The Worldometer, as featured on the BBC, is a site that took my breath away.

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