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Many small business entrepreneurs are formed as legal entities (corporations) to protect their personal and family assets. This is one way of being smart even as it uses a corporate strategy not initially practiced by the Founding Fathers. Back then, corporations were limited in their scope of influence and monopolies were not granted.

Today, monopolies and corporations have come a long way. Monopolies are common and even enjoy the place of being an all-American board game. Corporate strategies are encouraged by business coaches, business schools and business lawyers. After all, once corporations broke loose of their community responsibility, they have an unfair advantage over non-corporatist businesses.

The problem the economy is facing today is NOT because small and medium sized businesses have utilized corporate law. The problem comes from the way large corporations have been seizing, controlling and manipulating resources that we all need to survive. Those resources include the political landscape, the environment, the economy, the banking system, the media, and specific natural resources such as petroleum and mineral deposits.

Dennis Kucinich has described the latest actions of these large RCMCs (Resource Controlling Multinational Corporations) as changing the political landscape so much that we now have “a government by the corporations, of the corporations and for the corporations.” They dictate this country’s national policies, our banking system and media. This is what is hurting us, the middle and poorest classes. Recently, the right of government employees to strike for acceptable wages and improved working conditions is under fire.

Read some of the resources we offer online and in the book, “The Entrepreneur That Could.” The time is now to give all, to serve and solicit our communities and our local economies. If we don’t we will be soon living like those Banana Republics we learned about in school.

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