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The Entrepreneur That Could is the work of a lifetime. Ever since I was young, I have been surrounded by entrepreneurs and love of the adventure. The challenges were formidable, but within grasp. The support from the community was there. It was a time of opportunity and discovery.

But times have changed. While entrepreneurs are being burdened with more regulations, taxes and higher credit risk, the reduced job market is forcing more good people into sole proprietorships. We need better business models. We need community support. We need entrepreneurial education- on the run.

The Entrepreneur That Could is an offering of hope in the land of business opportunity. It is designed to give entrepreneurs a business philosophy based on common sense, integrity and innovation. It is based on the work of the Founding Fathers and observation of Nature. It has proven itself many times…and will do so again.

Let’s reestablish America’s legacy on the strength of the business community, not politics. Let’s work together to overthrow the corporate thugs that are driving our economy into the ground, ignoring our Earth and our children. Let’s learn what we have inside us that they didn’t think we possess. And let’s get started now.

Join us at “The Entrepreneur That Could.” More site improvements for community and sharing are planned. Feel free to contact me. – Casey Jurado

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